Doc's a winner at the 2014 Western Music Association Awards Show

Doc is back home from Albuquerque, another great long weekend at the Western Music Association's Annual Convention and Awards Show.  The first and foremost reason Doc tries to attend the event?  The jam sessions, of course!  Scores of talented musicians collect in the hotel lobby and hallways, and play music into the wee hours of the morning.  

But Doc was also nominated this year for 2014 Cowboy Poet of the Year.  Quite a distinction, quite an honor to be nominated.  No… Doc didn't take home the glass obelisk prize this year, but no matter, it's an honor just to be considered.  

Doc did take home a prize, though.  The WMA event sponsored the first ever Cowboy Poetry Jackpot event, with each poet presenting a single original poem, and a panel of three judges scoring the event.  Sure enough… in the Professional Division… Doc took top honors.  He brought home the silver buckle, in recognition of his prize winning presentation!  

Now it might have been nice to bring home a glass obelisk, Doc concedes.  A glass obelisk is a handy thing to have in your house, especially if you ever need to drive a stake through the heart of a vampire.  But bringing home a prize belt buckle might be even better.  Because a belt buckle comes in handy... if you ever need to wear pants.  

Doc is now the proud recipient of two prize belt buckles, the first being from the 2009 National Cowboy Poetry Rodeo.   And the nice thing about having an extra award-winning silver buckle is… you always have a spare, if one is in the wash!




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