"The Great Divide" - Title Track from the New Poetry CD


                               The Great Divide                    


                  Copyright 9-2006     Al “Doc” Mehl


Great Grandpa Mehl was born in West Virginia, 1859.

The old log home where he was born sat on the Mason Dixon Line.


Now if the baby’d been a girl, they would’ve


The Train Back to Ne' Orlins

                                    The Train Back to Ne’ Orlins                                Copyright 3-2008       Al "Doc" Mehl     I caught the train back to Ne’ Orlins, to Ne’ Orlins where I’m bound, ’Cause that’s the city where the mother of Black Ashton can be found. He made …

A Quilt in North Nebraska

                 A Quilt in North Nebraska                                   Copyright 12-2009   Al "Doc" Mehl     There’s a quilt in north Nebraska, That’s been sewn into the land; Rolling grass fields are the fabric, And the batting’s made of sand.   It’s been trimmed at the horizon

Doc's a Silver Buckle First Prize Winner

Doc Mehl has done it!  He held on 'til the horn, and brought home the silver buckle!  At the 2009 National Cowboy Poetry Rodeo in Montrose Colorado, contestants line up and pay their entry fee (just like a real rodeo…),