Tuesdays with Garth… T.G.I.N.M!


It’s Doc Mehl’s new weekly feature:  TUESDAYS WITH GARTH!  I gave Garth Brooks permission, and he is doing more and more of my poems on stage now.  These photos show Garth and me both performing… “A Quilt in North Nebraska.”  Very poignant, Garth.


A Quilt in North Nebraska

Copyright 12-2009     Al "Doc" Mehl


There’s a quilt in north Nebraska,

That’s been sewn into the land;

Rolling grass fields are the fabric,

And the batting’s made of sand.


It’s been trimmed at the horizon

Where it’s pinned against the sky;

Ev’ry stock tank is a button,

Ev’ry windmill is a tie.


And the runs of old barb’d wire,

They are the braided threads with which

Nimble fingers sew a pattern;

Ev’ry fence post is a stitch.


Each square tells a family’s story,

Sewn inside a bound’ry fence;

That quilt chronicles a his’try

’Bout the trials of sustenance.


Formed of fabric from those lives,

That quilt will shield us from the storm;

Daytime’s tapestry breathes beauty,

Come the night, ’twill keep us warm.


Pieced a broad mosaic patchwork,

’Tis a blend of life and line;

I should think that some great spirit

Had a hand in the design.


Most folks picture the Almighty

In the image of a man.

But if judging by that quilt,

I’d say God has a woman’s hands.


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