Tuesdays with Garth… It Puts the "Two" in "Tuesday."


It’s Doc Mehl’s weekly feature:  TUESDAYS WITH GARTH!  As you know by now, I gave Garth Brooks permission to recite some of my poems on stage… and I’m glad I did.  These photos show Garth and me both performing a poem dedicated to the riders and staff at the Colorado Therapeutic Riding Center… “I Am Your Horse.”  Garth, you nailed it.  


I Am Your Horse

Copyright 7-2012     Al “Doc” Mehl                


You’re known as “Pigtails,” or you’re “Smiley,” or you’re “Cool-Man-Rough-and-Tough;”

They call you “Ticklebug,” or “Silly-Bird,” or “Had-Just-’Bout-Enough.”

Well, pleased to meet you, call me Neko, sing to me that sweet refrain,

Or call me Monte, or Durango, I am Caesar, I am Shane;


Or call me Bandit, or Miss Percy, I am Sammy, I am Doc,

I’m maybe Bill, or maybe Pete… and I’ve an ear to hear some talk.

I have an ear to hear some whisp’rin, I’ve an ear to hear my name,

And I’ve an eye to get to know you, and a heart to learn this game.


I am your new-recruited listener, when you’re inclined to talk;

I am your locomotive force when you’ve built up the nerve to walk.

I am the engine of your will, and when a world of ridicule

Has left you saddled with exhaustion, I’m your spark and I’m your fuel.


I am your station and your platform, not a saddle but a throne,

And even when a throng might gather, it’s as if we stand alone;

We stand alone against the tempest, ’gainst the duster and the gale,

We stand together, muster strength and muster courage for this trail.


I walk you forward, toward the lead, when you might otherwise feel meek;

I am your podium for destiny when you’re inclined to speak.

I am the microphone that amplifies the power of your word,

And I’m the lens that lends new focus when life’s vision might be blurred.


I am your spine when this world’s weight has all been shouldered on your back;

I am your spine when you need courage, or you’re under new attack.

I am that spine when you’re in need of standing proud and standing tall,

And I’m the spine that you can trust when what you fear’s another fall.


You are my lead, I am your charge, you are my captain in the storm;

You are the one who faithful guides me from the cold into the warm.

You are the one who faithful cares for me when youthful vigor’s passed,

And of the dreams that course the night, you are my first, and you’re my last.


You have been chosen for a burden, or that burden’s chosen you,

And by the virtue of my rider, it seems I am chosen too.

It seems I’m chosen to be haltered, to accept the bridle’s bit,

’Til, by these reins, we’re drawn in rhythm, and become a perfect fit. 


I am your refuge, your retreat, when we’re surrounded by a crowd;

I am your quiet solitude when all the world’s been turned up loud.

You are my patience and my gov’rnor when my instinct is to run;

You are my parent and my child, I am your work and I’m your fun.


I am your health and I’m your respite, I’m your peace upon day’s end;

I am your teacher and your nurse, I’m your attendant and your friend.

You are my strength, and you’re my will, you are my calling in due course;

You are my spirit, you’re my breath, you are my blood… I am your horse.


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