Tuesdays with Garth… A Tip of the Hat!

Today marks the final episode of Doc Mehl’s weekly feature:  TUESDAYS WITH GARTH!  Months ago when I gave Garth Brooks permission to perform a few of my poems on stage… we both knew that someday our string of wildly successful recitations would finally come to an end.  Here’s a tip of the hat to you, good reader… and a tip of the hat to Garth Brooks.  Thanks, buddy.  These photos show Garth and me performing our finale… “Ode to Rhymin’.”  Garth… I am forever in your debt.  Happy trails!
Ode to Rhymin’                                   
Copyright 12-2005     Al “Doc” Mehl
I guess I’m just old fashioned, a throw back into time,
But when you’re writin’ poetry…  I’m thinkin’ it should rhyme.
See, poetry these days is filled with somethin’ called “free verse.”
Just wanderin’ lines with absent rhymes, and verses I find terse.
But poems are really so much more, and rhyme’s their shinin’ glory.
Take the couplets out, ’bout all that’s left is just a story.
And meter, that’s important too:  The pace you set when talkin’
Should kinda mark the time, just like the steps you take when walkin’.
But rhymin’, see, that’s critical, ’cause rhymin’ holds the ear.
And if the rhyme ain’t perfect, well, it ought to be darned near.
I guess I used to think that all the rhymin’ was a game,
’Cause it’s fun to tell a story usin’ words that sound the same.
But over time, I find that rhymin’ might be somethin’ more.
And here’s the little secret ’bout what rhymin’s really for:
See, long ago, when poems began, folks couldn’t read or write.
But everyone could listen, memorize, and then recite.
Yes, long before the printin’ press, when writin’ was a myst’ry,
Your knowledge could be transferred through a spoken oral hist’ry.
So that, rich or poor, high or low, no matter what your station,
Your stories could be passed on to another generation.
And if it’s somethin’ mem’rable about your life and time,
You preserve it for the future when you lock it in a rhyme.
’Cause when that story’s told, long after you’ve passed into night,
Well, if the words still rhyme, they’ll know they got it mostly right.
So when you pass from this good earth, you might just leave your mark
If rhymin’ words of your own voice still echo in the dark.
The poem is just your story.  But now it’s clear to me
That rhymin’ words will guarantee you…  immortality!
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