Tuesdays with Garth… A Tale of Romance

It’s Doc Mehl’s weekly feature:  TUESDAYS WITH GARTH!  When I gave Garth Brooks permission to recite some of my poems on stage… I had no idea how much we would both learn from each other.  These photos show Garth and I both performing “Nights in Español.”  So good Garth.  You’re a natural. 
Nights in Español
Copyright 9-2014     Al “Doc” Mehl
My old pardner says I’m crazy…and my pard is prob’bly right.
But I’m ridin’ out to meet her, just at dusk, tomorrow night.
Only kinda got to know her from a letter that she sent,
And one tintype photograph, a little faded, little bent.
In the photo, she’s in shadow, maybe taken nigh on noon,
But her eyes, they seem to sparkle, like they’re backlit by the moon.
That old tintype, it’s just black-and-white, but held, it seems to change,
As I picture her in colors of late autumn on the range.
Satin dress, a warm burnt umber, like a scrub oak serpentine,
And her scarf, the stonewashed orange of a gourd still on the vine.
Flowing hair takes on the color of wet sand down in the swale,
And her skin’s the pastel tan of hay near dry enough to bale.
Muted pink of early dawn is painted faintly ’cross her cheek,
And her lips, a deep’ning red, like buff’lloberries near their peak.
I do hope she’s good with horses… letter says she likes to ride;
Likes a pattern long and narrow, likes her open spaces wide.
Likes a horse that has some spirit, likes some silver on her tack,
Likes her steak a little red, and likes her morning coffee black.
She’s been feelin’ life has passed her by; it’s time to take the reins,
Time to ride a new horizon b’fore the storm clouds bring the rains.
And she’s lookin’ for a partner, so her letter seems to say.
Wants a man who’s learnt  ’bout “loyal;” wants a man who’ll choose to stay.
Says she’s got a checkered past that she intends to leave behind;
Says she’s lookin’ for a life that, more than free, is intertwined.
Seems she grew up near the border, north of old Presidio.
Lives the daylight hours in English; and the nights… in Español.
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