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Tuesdays with Garth… A Poem for Your Inner "Bandito"

The poem featured in this week's edition of "Tuesdays with Garth" was inspired by this fine are poster from the Durango Poetry Gathering in Durango, Colorado. Each year the Gathering invites poets to write a poem inspired by the artwork, and a dozen poets all present their poems on stage.  One piece of fine art, and a dozen recitations of poems of every conceivable variety.  What a joy to share to share the poem with Garth Brooks, and watch him perform it on stage.  

Tuesdays with Garth… A Tribute to Mother

In recognition of Mother's Day… Here's a poem dedicated to Mom that Garth and I both perform on stage.  Don't let the title fool you… "My Mother is Dysfunctional" is a poem born of love.  

Tuesdays with Garth… It Puts the "Two" in "Tuesday."

It makes for quite a twosome, Doc on one stage and Garth on another, a long distance rhyming-couplet duet of western entertainment.  Check it out… just click "Read More…"

Tuesdays with Garth… Something to Get You Through to Hump Day

If Wednesday is "hump day" because the rest of the week is down hill… then Tuesday must be "anticipation day."  Because Tuesday is the day when you know that another installment of "Tuesdays with Garth" is about to appear!

Tuesdays with Garth… T.G.I.N.M!

T.G.I.N.M:  Thank God it's not Monday… Rainy days and Mondays always get me down.  But Tuesdays?  Tuesdays get me excited.  Once again, re-posted from Doc's Facebook page, it's "Tuesdays with Garth!"

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