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The Train Back to Ne' Orlins

A few years back, I managed to explore the fringes of the Bourbon Street neighborhood of New Orleans on a quiet Sunday morning.  I gradually made my way through the quiet streets to the shoreline of the mighty Mississippi River.  There I was greeted by the haunting sound of Sunday morning hymns echoing across the wide waters, the floating melodies of a steam calliope concert played from the rooftop of the historic steamboat "Natchez."  Seems a poem began to take shape... 

A Quilt in North Nebraska

"A Quilt in North Nebraska," a poem offered for your enjoyment, and to welcome you to the website of Al "Doc" Mehl, cowboy poet and singer-songwriter. 

Doc's a Silver Buckle First Prize Winner

Doc takes home the prize the 2009 National Cowboy Poetry Rodeo in Montrose, Colorado.

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